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30/03/2002 1:57pm
I have Win98 and I discovered that I can't select multiple recipients (from the mail composition window) keeping pressed the CTRL key. Do anybody experience this?
31/03/2002 6:35am
I use i.scribe v1.61 on WinXP and I have no problem selecting multiple recipients.
31/03/2002 8:30am
well, it seems that the problem is related only to Win95/Win98 machines...please anyone confirm this...
01/04/2002 7:04am
v1.62 addresses this issue specifically. Scribe should function as per normal on 9x machines.

And yes I did install '98 from scratch today just to test it *sigh*. The things I do for you guys!!!

01/04/2002 6:20pm
I don't know, but maybe I have a clue. I have been busy with the Dutch translation and I discovered that a former translator had changed several shortcuts (-A, etc.), changed that is to the English version. I had the same trouble with A, until I discovered this. Are you Dutch?...
01/04/2002 6:30pm
No I'm not Dutch, I'm born and bred Australian.

So I have no idea what the translations are like quality wise, it's all gibberish to me.
11/09/2002 1:41pm
instead of having to install the different OSs to test on them, you could use VMWare to allow you to run them all at once...