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Author/Date GMail setup problem - help please
Geoff Hill
21/02/2005 6:53pm
GMail help also. I am also having trouble with gmail access. I have followed the instructions:
(a) installed 1.88 v5 of i.scribe
(b) unpacked SSL plugin into i.scribe directory
(c) changed the account setup to


(d) checked both send and receive for SSL

I can successfully send messages, but I cannot receive messages. I get the following message in the log file

Connected to using SSL
+OK gpop ready
USER hillgm
+OK send PASS
PASS ******
-ERR [SYS/PERM] Your account is not enabled for POP access
SSL connection close

Can anyone identify what I am doing wrong please.
21/02/2005 9:27pm
Geoff: You need to switch POP access on in the Gmail interface. Go into Settings->Forwarding And POP->POP Download

Then it should work.
22/02/2005 7:57pm
Thanks heaps - that worked for me. stupid of me not to realize.
23/02/2005 7:55pm
Can someone please help me with which version of the openssl dlls I should be using?

I found two versions. The one version of the dlls gives met an error when I open iscribe - "The ordinal 968 could not be located in the dynamic link library LIBEAY32.dll" - and then it says the ssl dlls are not installed.

The other dlls seems to be working fine, but when I try to connect it gives the following error in the log "Error: Scribe_SSL.cpp:254 - SSL_CTX_new failed"

Can someone help please?
23/02/2005 11:08pm
I used Win32OpenSSL-v0.9.7e.exe for my testing.

Are you trying to make a portable OpenSSL install?
24/02/2005 4:17am
Yes, I am just trying to run iScribe together with the SSL dlls from a USB key.
24/02/2005 4:19am
You'll need to wait for the next release for that to work. The current release doesn't know where to find them. I did warn readers in the blog entry about that. Just to be completely clear, you need v1.88-test6 AND the current SSL plugin at the time of release.
24/02/2005 12:57pm
Thanks, I'll keep an eye open for the next release. Any plans to integrate some of the specific features of gmail like labels?