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18/02/2005 10:55am
Hello all,
I've been unsuccesfully trying to create a filter that will bounce. I got the trigger right. Checked that by adding a set color action which works.
The bounce action has no options to be set by the [...] button so i just filled in the bare email adress. No go.
The forward action does work, and i noticed "quotes" around email adress there so i tried that. No go.
The bounce button in the toolbar does work.
What am i doing wrong?

1.88test4 winXPhome
20/02/2005 10:47pm
Um, the implementation for that has gone missing. I just checked the code and it does nothing. Next version.
21/02/2005 9:55am
That explains a lot.
When it is implemented, just a bare email adres as input will suffice?
21/02/2005 9:22pm
No it'll be like the reply and forward actions, where you click the "..." button to configure the action.
22/02/2005 8:42am
I eagerly await test6