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Author/Date msvcrt.dll error
15/02/2005 8:21pm
Whenever I try to view the 'Sent' mail folder I get the following error:

Unhandled Exception
Code: c0000005

Call stack:
77C478C0: C:\WINDOWS\system32\msvcrt.dll Offset: 0x20 (strlen)

Everything else works ok, mail gets sent when I compose and send it. I can view all the other folers ok. The version of msvcrt.dll I'm using is 7.0 2600.2180 installed with XP SP2


15/02/2005 9:09pm
What version of Scribe?

If your not using v1.88-test4 then please upgrade to that. It has a bug fix for that crash.
15/02/2005 11:42pm
Upgraded and all working ok. Thanks

15/03/2005 7:49pm
Thanks for reporting this error Bob...

I have exactly the same error after I got a brief error message
while sending an email -- it did go through though. Everytime after
that incident, whenever I clicked on "sent" folder InScribe blew up.

A newer version than my 1.88 test 3 is ready to re-install, so
I'm looking forward of getting rid of this little bug in the "sent"

BTW I did discover a little work around -- I added a "sent2" folder
and redirected the sent email in my 2 accounts there. Worked great
as long as I remembered NOT to ever click on "Sent" folder.

I don't like crashes :-)
16/03/2005 7:17pm
Just a footnote to my previous post... V1.88 Test 6 DID fix the problem
with the "Sent" folder, however I downloaded the iScribe file and not the
InScribe version (getting old :-)

I was most pleased with myself until I realized that I had only 1 Account
showing not my usual 2. Damn! That's when I discovered I downloaded the
wrong file. Went back and retrieved the latest InScribe file and installed
over top my iScribe installation that replaced my older InScribe install.

Did it work out in the end? YES it did. My 2 Accounts were back and without
any problems in the folders, which have been modified a tad to help me manage
my email better.

Guess I'm posting this to reassure anyone who might screw up and do the same
thing in the future -- you will not lose the structure of folders2... well at
least I didn't. Gees I do believe this is the first mistake I have made this
year :) Just kidding -- I "may" have made at least a couple more.