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Author/Date How to send emails using UTF-8 char. code?
02/02/2005 12:09pm

I am looking in Options/accounts/send/Char.code, but cannot see UTF-8. I use both English and Chinese chars. How can I send them in UTF-8? Or, which is the best Char. code to send them to English-defaulted email clients and still get them display the Chinese characters?

Thanks!, Luis.
02/02/2005 8:21pm
Scribe will send chinese text as utf-8 by default. No need to configure it. I'm not sure what the best charset for chinese is. But I suspect anyone with a remotely modern email client will be able to read a utf-8 message.

03/02/2005 4:36am
Thank you very much!

19/02/2005 3:53am
I'm vietnamese and I can't type any unicode utf-8 character in all form, it display as "?" mark, how to fix it correctly, may I translation your layout to vietnamese interface in utf-8 ?
20/02/2005 10:54pm
Narga: There is already a vietnamese translation. You should have a look at that first. Select it in the appearence options.

If you can supply information to help me reproduce the problem with keyboard entry then I will try and fix it. Basically I need:
a) a link to the Input Method Editor (IME) you are using to enter vietnamese characters.
b) an example of how to enter a word in vietnamese. (switch IME on, press a, f, c, n and it should look like *this*).
21/02/2005 6:02am
Thanks for reply fast, I use Unikey ( as a Input Method Editor (IME) to make vietnamese character in unicode utf-8, when I use it all the vietnamese character change to "?" mark in the input form, I use the TELEX mode to typing, ex: ễ (may be it can show correctly in utf-8 encoding) I'll type: e,e,x
When I use another programes as notepad the copy and paste my document then send mail, it work well.
I got some crack date when I click on email link Request&body=Full name (Ten ban): %0D%0AOrganization (Don vi): %0D%0AE-mail (Dia chi thu dien tu de nhan password): %0D%0AFor the purpose of (Muc dich su dung tai lieu nay):


Unhandled Exception
Code: c0000005

Call stack:
100113A3: D:\InScribe\Lgi.dll Offset: 0x9 (DLinkIterator::First)
00449350: D:\InScribe\Scribe.exe Offset: 0x3A (Mail::OnCreate)

May be it helps you correct some bug, your softwares so wonderful, may I translation to Vietnamese in the next version because I see some work not often using in vietnam.
02/12/2005 11:07am
Im Vietnamsese I translation this book to English