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02/02/2005 11:19am
Hello ng reader,
sometimes I get this error when I send an email:

Storage Failed to write object to disk:

Objectwrite size mismatch:

Header: 895
Byte Written: 885
Diff: -10
Type: aaff0001

You should restart the application and then report this problem.
Ignore all furthur such errors for this session ?


It seems that it doesn't give any fault but I was just wondering what's that ?


P.s. Would it be useful to allow pasting images in posts, though the size would increase ?
02/02/2005 11:26am
That error is when there is a problem writting to disk or the object changes between when the Sizeof function is called and the Write function happens.

It used to happen a lot more. But I never see it anymore. If it happens reliably for you under certain cirsumstances then I'd like to know how you made it happen.

As for pasting images, it's too hard right now. It'd take a rich edit control, and there isn't a small cross platform rich edit control I could use.
02/02/2005 2:04pm
Thanks for your answer !

No, I cannot identify a specif sequence of operation which brings to this error.
Might it be related to running iScribe from a pen drive which has FAT file system (not FAT32 or NTFS) ?