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28/01/2005 3:49pm
Can someone pls help me in understandind why some emails are downloaded twice. Sometimes when I check for new emails, there are no. The next time I check I get some new emails which are actually already downloaded.

I would point it out that I connect through an http tunnel:

28/01/2005 9:51pm
In my experience this is usually because the mail appears twice in the mailbox. If you check the contents of the mailbox using Preview on Server first and verify that the mail's arn't duplicated on the server and then get dupelicates when download then there is something wrong.

31/01/2005 2:22pm
I checked several times, but it's not the case.
I also wrote in the freepops' newsgroup, and they said it's a client business...

Anyway, it's not a big pain deleting time by time duplicated emails if I compare the advantages of iscribe :-))