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Author/Date Preview mail on server - display only unread?
28/01/2005 11:11am
Is there a possibility to include such an option?
Since I keep all my messages on the server (just over a 1500 now), if I try to preview the new messages from home using a modem connection it just takes to long to populate the list with all the messages... Or just to remember the time of the last message in the preview and next time download headers only from newer emails.

Hope this would be considered. Overall, a very nice piece of software, guys...

28/01/2005 11:37am
Nice idea. But I'm not putting another icon on the toolbar.

Have to think of a nice way to intergrate it into the exiting UI.
28/01/2005 11:51am
You can just put a checkbox in the Account properties window saying "preview new messages only"
28/01/2005 7:08pm
Hi, while we're on the subject, could I come up again with my (previous) request/suggestion for a "preview all accounts" function, maybe as a checkbox in the Mail menu? If this could be added together with Marko's suggestion, then all would be just great. Thanks.
09/03/2005 5:14am
an alternative would be to add a drop-down arrow to the preview button, a la the "back" button in internet explorer. that way you could incorporate the new options without adding new icons.

just a thought, jeff