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06/01/2005 6:19pm
Hi, there's definitely something funny going on with the mail merge feature.
Start a template, put in a field, e.g. contact.FirstName (with the more and less signs etc.) and then go on typing a few words, then save and try a mail merge and check the first message : all OK? Can you see the first name? Great. Then go on typing and add a few carriage returns, check again, are you sure you can still see the first name?
It seems as though thereís a problem here, I spent quite a while experimenting with spaces, returns and so on, it seems as though itís the carriage returns that mess things up. Thatís to say that when there are ďtooĒ many returns the contact field becomes null. I also noticed a more-than sign appeared in the text body. I have tried with various texts and the same happens.
Itís maybe something to do with the BodyasText String?
Another thing : the field returns just the date and time !
I'm using Inscribe 1.87 FC2, I've got 1.88 tests 1, 2 and 3 lined up on the toolbar and I've been swapping between them but the same problem appears, any ideas ? and have a great New Year.
Well done for the million hits.
09/01/2005 9:32pm
I can't reproduce this no matter how many returns I put in. field: This has always supposed to be the date and time, and I've update the DOM reference to reflect this.
11/01/2005 5:39pm
Well it still happens here - did you try typing in a few lines of text separated by returns? I'll try to email you two messages, one that works and one that doesn't. Thanks, Martin.