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Author/Date something wrong with InScribe 1.88 test3?
06/01/2005 1:07pm
Could it? Because Scribe is generating new 0 byte messages in my folder 'Sent' and in my Trash.
I'm going back to test2 to be on the safe side, me thinks. [...] See, all the 'new' messages are gone. And it weren't new messages, it seems that they were existing messages, which were flagged as new. Strange - a bug, I suppose, and not a feature :-)
I haven't been able to find what or which causes these messages to be generated. I will try later on.
06/01/2005 1:38pm
They are normal messages, try restarting Scribe if you see that. Something goes haywire every so often and stops messages loading properly. I see it so rarely that I never get a chance to figure out why.

And don't bother going back to test2 just because of this, it's been in there for ages now. This bug is in test2 as well.
06/01/2005 5:06pm
Fair enough. If it doesn't bother you, why should it bother me? :-)
I will try test 3 again (and probably like it).
Thanks for your quick reply.