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03/01/2005 4:25pm
I have search and test any small programs for e-Mail from a usb-stick i find iscribe is the best small program. But how can i create a folder contains note?
(I will exchange from Outlook to iscribe on the PC and on USB-Stick and copy any Time the mailfolder from the USB-Stick to the directory on my PC.)
Another question is how can i change the visible from the calendar?

Thanks for your answer

05/01/2005 6:53am
Scribe doesn't currently support notes as such. The next best thing is just writting stuff down in an email. You can create an email in a specific folder by right clicking on a folder (of email) and going "New Email".

I don't know what you mean by "visible from the calendar". It doesn't make sense.
05/01/2005 7:33am
At the first Sorry for my english.
Your Idea for the Folder with contains Mail and work as Note is not right for me. I have edit the Scribe.lr8 and have create a Form for Note. Than i have edit the Forms IDD_NEWFOLDER_F and have create a Button for Note.Than i have edit the Forms IDD_SUB_FOLDERS and have create a entree for Note. I have also create a Form with the Name IDD_NOTIZ.
Now i can select and create a new SubFolder for Notes. But i cant select and create new Note.
Is this the right way? And waht must i do to create new Note?