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Author/Date More than 90% of emails lost...
28/12/2004 7:08pm
Something VERY disconcerting just happened (1.87 Test27, Windows):

First, I checked the Bayes filter statistics and the efficiency was in the mid 80s. I then rebuilt the Bayes word list and rechecked the stats: It was at a 100% but the number of examinded emails had drastically dropped.

It was then that I nocticed that just about all of my folders had hundreds of "unread" emails indicated by the count in parens next to the folder name. When I opened a folder, it was always the same: More than 90% (often 100%) of emails mutilated to the point of non-existence: 0 byte count, all fields just plain empty, attachments gone etc.

I kicked off a folder compaction in the vain hope that it might fail and tell me there was something wrong, but it went right through and freed more than 7 MB.

Any ideas?
28/12/2004 9:10pm
Bad luck, Kai.

Maybe this can help. Look here and download this
Or send a personal email to the maker with a cry for HELP!
I bid you luck!
28/12/2004 11:10pm
I've seen this too. And in my case all I did to "fix" it was restart Scribe and all the messages were there again. Something gets screwed up in the loading of messages but it only lasts for that session.

The fact that you compacted after the error maybe a more permanent problem. Do you know what the size of your folders was before you compacted?
29/12/2004 1:47am
I had exited the program this morning. When I just started it again, it still showed (almost) all messages as new, but when I clicked on some folders, it did load them properly and now all are back, as far as I can tell.

The compacting does not appear to have done any damage.