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Author/Date all I want for Christmas (request)
22/12/2004 6:21pm
you've probably got this lined up for later, but would it be possible : firstly, to preview all accounts in one go in the pop viewer (check K9 as an example), and secondly, and certainly not least, to be able to open messages on the pop server through the pop viewer...?
22/12/2004 8:53pm
Preview all sounds reasonable. Previewing the body is probably not going to happen. Mainly because it defeats the propose of a preview. The point of a preview is to save you the bandwidth and time of downloading the whole message.
22/12/2004 10:14pm
well I'm not sure that I agree that it defeats the purpose of preview as I often have to check messages first before downloading as they *seem* to be coming from a good address but they're not, they can be either malware or infected, or both