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Author/Date [low priority] Stickey drop down menu
Robert Bleeker
21/12/2004 10:23pm
Just noticed that the small drop-down menu in the "Mail Message" window, that displays To, Cc, and Bcc, stays open unless you make a selection in that menu.
21/12/2004 10:56pm
Hmmm? Thats a feature... if you want to cancel it press ESC or TAB to the next field...

Are you asking for something?
Robert B.
22/12/2004 3:15am
not asking, just seems an odd behavior for drop-down menus, usually drop-downs and pop-outs will cancel/close when rolled off, or when another section of the screen is clicked. Not to worry, just my observation.
22/12/2004 6:18pm
no, it's too sticky and not mouse-friendly (and different from previous versions)
22/12/2004 8:52pm
I've been working on the mouse code in Lgi. Currently if you click anywhere off the drop down it will close.