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Author/Date [Feature request] Preview window tabs
Robert Bleeker
21/12/2004 12:20am
Hi Matthew,

I mentioned this before, but I thought it may creep up the feature list if i talked about it again. :-)

I would really....really like to see the the menu tabs, you currently have in the 'Mail Message' window, become part of the 'Preview' window. There may even be enough room to add extra tabs.

My thoughts:

This would save myself a lot of window openings, especially when trying to open an attachment without saving it first.

Altenatively, add a context menu item that allows you to 'Open attachment..'.

Version 2, here we come.
21/12/2004 12:49pm

i would also like to have this TABS :-) nice idea.

Robert Bleeker
04/01/2005 10:33pm
here is an image to show what I mean.