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20/12/2004 10:10pm
I'm running Scribe on my USB drive, and hoped it would give me portability between my home office and work office. Everything works fine at home, where I have a dial-up connection, but at work there is a Microsoft Exchange Server and I can't establish a connection.

Is is possible to connect through an exchange server; if so what settings do I need to use?
20/12/2004 10:40pm
Exchange admins can enable POP and SMTP access for non-Microsoft clients. Some do and some don't. I've personally used Scribe with Exchange for some years at a previous employer so I know it can work. However it really depends on the setup the local admin has done. You may have to ask them to switch on access for you.
20/12/2004 10:43pm
Oh one other thing. There is some chance I may implement MAPI connectivity via a Brutus server. Brutus does CORBRA<->MAPI mapping for open source or non-windows clients. It sits on a windows machine and maps the API's for you.

I _might_ do that... but I might not have time / patience for it either. Still undecided. Maybe if I had a really big customer that wanted it I would be more inclined to do the work. Otherwise there is not enough payoff for me.
21/12/2004 12:09am
Thanks for the reply. I'll make enquiries with our IT department.
10/01/2005 3:00am
I've had a closer look at Brutus, and I won't be implementing support for it. The license is too restrictive for closed source freeware.

Their loss.