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Bola Jones
20/12/2004 2:30am
I am a user of Mozilla Thunderbird, and I think Thunderbird is much better then Microsoft Outlook family.
Now I found i.Scribe/InScribe and liked a lot.
So, I ask to all: is i.Scribe or InScribe better than Thunderbird?
What are the main diferences between the apps?

thanks to all
Rytis Umbrasas
20/12/2004 4:30pm
Scribe has popoverhttp.
It helps to get messages under proxies when pop3 is closed.
I doubt is it possible on Thunderbird.

Scribe is much smaller, and we can use it without installation.
It's very usefull like portable "pocket mailer" (it can be used in traveling usb disk)

3. It has so cool support. You can reach programer by email, if he don't sleep.. :)

4. Some users can find translation to some languages, when they can not find translation in Thunderbird.

5. Scribe has calendar. I don't does Thunderbird has it.

6. Scribe has very simple way to reach mesages on pop3 server for deleting too big messages.. Maybe Thunderbird has the same? I'm not sure.. Maybe..

Thunderbird is cool program too.

I would suggest use Scribe with traveling disk for travelers from one computer to another, and at evening all message could go to more fat program Thunderbird, or Opera 7 m2..

I'm using Scribe like web mail alternative, because im my case I need to have email everywhere, but mostly web mailers has very bad multilanguage messages support. Scribe is really great on it. And Scribe is much powerfull than webmailers.

Rytis Umbrasas

Brian R.
20/12/2004 9:29pm
After looking at both of these e-mail programs (and many others) I ended up switching to InScribe largely because of it's portability and rich set of features. I used it on a USB flash drive for a while but got tired of continually transferring mail between different machines; recently I set it up on a portable (PDA-sized) 40Gb hard drive (Smartdisk-Firelight) and can carry around 10+ years worth of e-mail with lots of room to spare. Sure couldn't do that with most of the others.