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19/12/2004 4:53pm

I am trying to set up iscribe to send emails. For some reason iscribe will not save my account password. Under the "send" tab in accounts there is a box for ESMTP authentication. I cannot enter my password without checking this so I have it checked. When I enter a password it is not saved; after closing the screen and re-opening it I find the password box is empty. I am unable to send emails. I have tried setting the "authentication type" to both all and login. I am using the final release of iscribe 1.87 which I downloaded from the zip file. Incidently, why is the zip file larger then the uncompressed file?


Robert Bleeker
19/12/2004 8:30pm
Your password is there, just doesnt' show for security reasons.

I suppose Matthew could have placed **** characters there when a password is saved, to settle the new users minds.

If you have entered the password correctly and selected save, then you wont have to re-enter again.
Open the 'Status' window and view the log, it should show if you are getting any attempts in connecting to your mail server.
21/12/2004 12:59am
The problem was apparently with my yahoo email account; I sent some test emails to this account and there was a long delay in receiving them. For a while I thought the problem was with the iscribe setup.