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16/12/2004 4:36am

Whoa - that was not what I expected. I just emptied the spam from my spam folder and now my spam filter is as dumb as a sack of nails.... hmmm.

Would have expected that it keeps its phrase list intact - after all, it has learned the stuff once. Plus, why should the user have to keep hundreds or thousands of ugly spam messages around?

Does anyone agree with that or am I missing the point?
16/12/2004 1:55pm
This is a unfortunate side effect of me having a life. e.g. I don't sit around coding up better versions of existing features while everyone else sleeps ;)

Seriously I know this is a aweful big hole in the software and I'm a) going to do it much better in v2 and b) fix it in v1 "Real Soon Now(tm)".

But I have a stable version to get out the door "Right Now".
16/12/2004 5:32pm
Great - am looking forward to that!