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Author/Date "Reply to" loses text - bug report?
15/12/2004 10:24pm
I'm using Inscribe v.1.87 Final Release.
When I Reply to a message and then Save and Close, the text typed in has disappeared when I look at the message in the Outbox. I've tested this a few times (after much swearing having to type messages again, and again) and it seems the only way to avoid it is to send directly when on-line without saving to the outbox. The same happens with Reply to all but ordinary messages save OK.
Thanks for all your hard work.
Regards, Martin.
P.S. I'm writing from near Toulouse in the South-West of France which according to Inscribe's time zones is in the Romance time zone very nice - is that what it's really called?
15/12/2004 10:55pm
Are you using the spell checker?

Sometimes it kills the message.

I grabbed the timezone list from somewhere online... I don't know how accurate it is.
16/12/2004 1:48am
This is happening to me too. No spell checker. Replies vanish after "save and close" When I look at the message in Outbox, the message is there without the replied portion - only the section starting with "---------- Original Message ----------" is there.
16/12/2004 3:18am
What reply format do you have set?

What charset preferences in the sending options?
16/12/2004 3:19pm
The reply format is a default:


---------- Original Message ----------
To: <[0].name> (<[0].email>)
From: <> (<>)
Subject: <mail.subject>
Date: <mail.datesent>

<mail.body quote="> ">

Character set?? English (default)
16/12/2004 8:16pm
I checked both the zip and exe - they both delete the saved reply.
I returned to test 27 and it is OK again.
17/12/2004 12:40am
Thats really annoying isn't it?

Well I've had a look at the code and I'm just not setting the dirty flag where I should be. All fixed now.
17/12/2004 7:29am
looks as though I got back (or got up) too late to join in. Glad to hear it's fixed.
11/01/2005 9:38pm
There's another time when the reply portion isn't carried over and that appears to be when an html email is coded with all divisions, e.g.,
etc. It is a feature one user of hotmail uses that I can never get the replies to be carried forward.
11/01/2005 11:26pm
HAS: Send me the HTML and I'll have a look at it. (Right click on the HTML before replying and "Copy Source").