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Author/Date Weird empty emails
15/12/2004 2:44pm
Hi ~

just switched to Inscribe a few days ago, and I now receive 2 - 3 almost totally empty emails daily which I never did before. Everything is totally blank but the Internet Headers: they contain garbage one typically sees after some pointer error.

I am fairly certain that this is an Inscribe problem but will verify it by checking my mailservers before I let Inscribe pop the messages.

My question for now is: How can I filter mails for a condition like "from is empty"? Tried that by leaving the value field empty but that didn't work...

15/12/2004 10:46pm
I get blank messages too, and thought all the same things: "Must be a bug". And I setup a connection log, and it was exactly the same in the stream of bytes comming off the socket. So at least in my case it was not a bug.

If you want you can do the same or send me a screenshot of the headers. Maybe they'll mean something to me.

As for filtering the blanks out try mail.size = 0 ?
16/12/2004 1:32am
Did some more investigating - there was actually only one with corrupted headers. The other empties had readable headers.

Hmm - maybe some other clients just suppress these?

Will try your filter suggestion and let you know...
16/12/2004 2:47am
Size = 0 works well - thanks!