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Author/Date auto retrieve email problem
05/12/2004 10:43pm
I don't know when this began (which build) but I have noticed that I don't get email through the "check every: xxx" option. I currently have it set at 30 minutes, but I have been back at my machine, seen the counter at about 4 seconds, manually checked my emails (because I am paranoid that way), and have gotten several new emails. It could just be me (lots of things are :), as no one else seems to have/reported the same problem. Any ideas?

P.S. Also, as if you don't have enough to deal with, my dilbert comics end up in my spam folder, eventhough the email address is in my white list...I am going to roast in hell for this aren't I? :D

P.P.S. I am using InScribe v1.87(test 27, Win32)
05/12/2004 11:08pm
Dilbert: What format are you specifying the address in the whitelist? (If you move all your dilbert comics out of the spam folder and rebuild the word lists it will be auto-whitelisted, unless it's the empty word list bug which I havn't been able to reproduce yet).
05/12/2004 11:23pm
I have checked the spam folder for any dilbert emails (finding none) and rebuilt the word list several times, to no avail. The email address is in my whitelist as <>. Am I doing something wrong?
05/12/2004 11:24pm
You didn't put actual '<' and '>' in the whitelist did you?
05/12/2004 11:26pm
hmm...seems like the email address didn't post the last time. I have (but with the "less than" and "greater than" signs at both ends), perhaps that is where the problem is.
05/12/2004 11:29pm
Am I feeling a little stupid?, I am feeling VERY stupid. How can I say this....I bow down and ask for your forgiveness, my noble lord! :) But the alto receive thing is still a legit problem (I hope).
05/12/2004 11:30pm
Try it without the greater/less than. I think that will work.

I'll revise the text description to be a little clearer.
05/12/2004 11:31pm
Or perhaps I shouldn't be doing this at 3:30am.....
05/12/2004 11:37pm
Receive thing: Firstly check the account using the preview feature, make sure there is new mail. Set the timeout to really short (1 min) and watch it do the auto receive. If it still fails to download the mail get back to me. You don't sound convinced there was new mail when the auto-receive happened.
06/12/2004 12:21pm
Receive thing update: Inscribe didn't try to receive, even when there was mail on the server, and the auto receive set at one minute. The timer just counted down to zero, and started again. The status (under the progress tab) never changed from "Idle." I just deleted that account and created a new one, and it now works fine. I don't know what was wrong with it, but now I don't need to know :)
Thanks anyway.