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Author/Date Is there a way to Auto-Compact folders?
03/12/2004 4:03pm
Was reading the i.Scribe help file, and came across something interesting:

------------------lgi.conf options------------------
On shutdown options:

<scribe on-close='option'>

Where 'option' can be:

* 'Minimize' zooms the window down to the taskbar.
* 'Compact' compacts the folders and then exits.

Does this mean there's a way to make i.Scribe automatically compact the folders when it exits? That would be a great feature ... rather than having to manually compact folders.

If there is a way to have it automatically compact, how do I set that up? I searched for a lgi.conf file in my i.Scribe folder & didn't see anything. I have also looked through the options & didn't find anything related to auto-compacting either.
03/12/2004 7:11pm
Create a new empty file named "lgi.conf" in the iscribe folder and write into it:

03/12/2004 7:43pm
Got it ... thanks a bunch AnT!
03/12/2004 7:44pm
FYI, for anyone else that does this ... that auto-compact DOES automatically remove everything in your TRASH folder as well. Not sure how to turn that off/on ... but it's fine with me.
03/12/2004 9:03pm
The auto-compact clears the trash folder. Otherwise it wouldn't reduce the size of the folders file by much. This option was designed to keep you folder size at a minimum for users on a disk size budget (e.g. flash card). I'll make sure this is documented in the help.
04/12/2004 9:59pm
This is a terrific feature; thanks for pointing it out. Scribe always loses its place as the window-on-top after I compact folders, so it's nice to get this done when exiting the program.