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Author/Date Losing focus after compacting folders
Gino Damen
28/11/2004 7:25pm
It's something I have noticed a long time, but never bothered to report. After performing actions like compacting folders pressing the ok button (which tells that everything has been done) makes the programm losing the focus. This means it disappears to the background and an other programm is in front. It's just a bit annoying to have to click in the taskbar to return to InScribe.


Win2K / SP4 (US)
InScribe v1.87 (Test27, Win32 Release)
Build: Nov 18 2004, 14:58:03
28/11/2004 9:11pm
I've tried to fix that before and couldn't. And it's too minor to waste time on right now.
05/12/2004 12:56pm
I got the same problem, but I got it with the "preview" when I use the mouse, it losing focus nearly every time, but if I use CTRL-P and ESC it never happens.

Just for the record...