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23/11/2004 7:00pm
Hi Matthew. The best 20$ I've spent for a long time...
Is there any way of hiding the list of multiple recipients in outgoing mail (apart from using Bcc) ? They show even when using a group.
13/12/2004 9:57pm
I thought that was the whole point of BCC?

You might need to explain what you mean by "hiding"?
15/12/2004 10:22pm
thanks for replying.
By "hiding" I mean hiding the recipients' addresses. I often send messages to a large number of recipients, never the same, and it is fastidious to have to mark some or most as Bcc. I was with Compuserve for many years (started in text mode) and used their own e-mail client and there one could tick a box to "hide" recipients, the recipients couldn't see who else received the message (as in Bcc) and the addresses didn't appear in the header either (this also lightened the weight of messages).
But don't worry it's no big deal, I guess I can get by without it. Regards, Martin.
15/12/2004 10:47pm
Marking all as BCC is pretty easy, cursor into the list, ctrl-a, right click -> bcc.
17/12/2004 11:23am
thanks, that's much easier