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Author/Date Calendar Problem
Alex Wenzel
21/11/2004 5:25pm

I have a problem with the calendar (v. 1.87 Test 27, Win2000):
The calendar keeps displaying time as 00.00a-12.00p/12.00p-11.30p even when the date/time options are set to day/month/year/24h.
But this is the real problem: When I enter an event in the calendar, I can enter the time in 24h format, but the program will save it incorrectly, converting e.g. an event from 7.00a-12.30p to an event from 00.30-07.00.
I tried to switch betweeen "auto" and the above mentioned date/time option (which is probably the default anyway), but the result was the same.

Is this just a problem with the "test" version or in general? I didn't find this problem mentioned in the forum (but I didn't look too hard).

BTW: Would it be possible to get an option to have the week start on Monday (because that's the correct week display here in Germany and in some other places)?

Otherwise: a great program! Add encryption for attachments (as announced for v.2) and I'll buy it. Maybe you could even add a setting to opt-out the installation or display of the calendar in v. 2, as this is not necessary for an email program.

13/12/2004 10:02pm
Yes it's a bug.

Monday: when I get some time.

Opt out calendar: You can turn off toolbar buttons in the latest release, good enough?