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Author/Date What is the "Groups" folder good for?
Alex Wenzel
21/11/2004 12:53am

new user's question:
The installation sets up a "Groups" folder as one of the default folders which you can't delete.
I can't figure out what this folder is good for. I can set up subfolders with contacts in there, but I can do that in the main contact folder as well.
I can create a contact group which will appear in the list, but I can't find out how to add contacts to this group. I can open a window for the group from the list, but there is nothing I could do from this (empty) window.
I didn't find anything about that problem in the help files. Did I overlook something, is this just an uncomplete feature or is there a bug?

Thanks for help.
21/11/2004 11:24pm
It is somewhat incomplete but it does actually work. To add contacts to the group you put the cursor in the main area and type in their name. If the word is red you can right click to pick the contact from a list. If the word is black it's a single contact, if the word is grey it's not a valid contact yet. Keep typing!
Alex Wenzel
22/11/2004 12:23am
Thanks for this hint, but now I can't find out what to do with this group.
I.e. I can't send a mail to those people. At least, it doesn't show up in the contacts list when I try to send a mail.
Is this what's incomplete?
22/11/2004 12:41am
If you type the name of the group in the recipient entry box and hit enter it will get added to the recipients properly and when the email is sent the group is converted to a list of addresses.

Yes the rest of the UI is not really aware of groups yet, that is the incomplete part.
22/11/2004 1:05am
I've added code to make the groups show up in the "Add Contacts" window. So at least that is less confusing now. Cheers
23/11/2004 1:19am
Once you add subgroups (type groups) under the Groups folder and then select contacts from the Contacts folders (keep finger on Ctrl and click on all the contacts you choose) copy (Ctrl-C), select your Groups subgroup and paste (Ctrl-V). All the contacts will be in that subgroup Group without showing up twice from the pull down address list. You can email the whole group by right-clicking on the subgroup Group and the popup menu will appear (the second option) to email the whole group. Once in the new email you can even add or delete more contacts. It's great!
05/04/2006 8:51pm
I didn't get what HAS exactly ment. Yes, I can drag contacts from Contacts folder to Group folder, or even copypaste them, but I can't create groups in a such way..

btw, group view by First and Last Name would be much better rather than sole e-mail adress.