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Author/Date Whauu, this is so wierd ?!
21/11/2004 12:17am
Okay, this is a bit trixy to explain, so read it slow...

I started with this account for many years ago: and have recently changed it to (a new ISP) as account in i.scribe.

Today I send a mail from to a company (never have contact with them before), I get a reply and I answer back as, then I get another reply but this time it arrives in my old mailbox (pure luck I was looking there, the account is not in use anymore for my part)?!

If I look in the "internet header" in my reply, it say's: ... so i.scribe must have my old mail-adress hidden somewhere and using it for some reason, it is so wierd, so wierd.

Matthew, I can send you the mails that are in play here, maybe you can see some sens in this!

21/11/2004 12:34am

I can reproduce this bug every time, when I reply it use my old mail-adress in the internet-header!

21/11/2004 2:28am
You have to change the reply to field in the main options or your account identity if your using InScribe.
21/11/2004 10:44am
Nope, sorry that didn't solve the problem. It happens every time I reply on my own mail (me -> him -> me -> error) and it use my old mail-accont and it use US-char.

I have testede all morning from my private account to my work account, and I can reproduce this flow on demand.

21/11/2004 11:48am
I have exactly the same trouble as Razak describes; it happens whenever I hit the Reply and the Forward button. The receiver receives a message which seems to come from instead of
I've looked into the file scribe.r which shows the email-address. I tried to edit scribe.r to solve the problem, but I could not edit scribe.r No problems with sending though.
21/11/2004 11:58am
YES Bardo, you are so right, my is also right there in the scribe.r file, we got the bastard :)

Over to you Matthew...

21/11/2004 11:21pm
I think you might be using InScribe right?

When InScribe receives and email it remembers which account it came in on. And when you reply to that it looks for identity information in that accounts settings (first tab on the account dialog).

I'd say you still have your old address in the reply to field of your account settings. This would produce the wrong address when you reply to an email as opposed to when you compose an email (using the default identity).
22/11/2004 12:24am
Not in my case (yes I do use InScribe, but), for I transfered a copy of my Scribe-folder from my former work to my actual work. My employer does not want to pay for InScribe, so I use i.Scribe at work. I changed the settings of i.Scribe via its options, including the new email-address, pop- and smtp-server. I kept my former folders.mail2 and addressbook. It is nowhere visible in i.Scribe that the send-address when using Reply of Forward, is the 'old'-address.
Matthew, if it makes anything clearer, I can mail you a copy of this scribe.r file.
22/11/2004 12:45am
Bardo: you don't need to buy 2 copies of InScribe to use it at 2 locations. Your key is for you, you can use it on as many machines as you like. However if someone else starts using your key as well that is frowned upon.

Secondly, using the scribe.r file from a InScribe install with i.Scribe might mean that options you can edit in InScribe are in the .r file but not editable from i.Scribe's UI. I suspect that in your case the "reply-to" InScribe option for the 1st account has been set and is being used but you can't edit it because the UI hides that option in i.Scribe. You would have to use InScribe to edit the scribe.r file.

But as I mentioned earlier you can use InScribe...
22/11/2004 7:57am
About editing Scribe.r: I meant editing with a text-editor.

But about Razak's problem and mine too: it has nothing to do with mixing up i. and InScribe. Maybe I did not make myself clear enough: I used i.Scribe at my former work, copied the complete Scribe-folder and changed the settings of i.Scribe (File -> Options -> etcetera) at my new work. And here comes in the problem with Reply and Forward. I still think that is a bug and not a feature.
(I did not know I was allowed to use InScribe on as many machines as I like...)
22/11/2004 10:15am
Ok, I think I need to see this "scribe.r" that produces this bug. Because I still don't know how it happens. Maybe with the options file I can reproduce it here and fix any problem I find.
22/11/2004 6:10pm
I only use i.scribe

22/11/2004 7:15pm
Okay, I have solved the problem by deleting the scribe.r file, and then re-generate a new. But still there is a bug to be found in i.scribe.

22/11/2004 11:34pm
Alright now I have got to the bottom of this. In really old version of i.Scribe you could see and edit some identity fields in the account settings window. Some people filled these out with their current information (i.e. you 2). Then I removed these fields from the UI in i.Scribe because they shouldn't be used. And well those people that had already filled them out still had those properties in the scribe.r file to this day. Because of the shared nature of the InScribe and i.Scribe code base, i.Scribe uses those fields if they exist.

Now I've fixed the code not to use those in i.Scribe. And the solution would be to either use InScribe to edit the fields (if you have it) or get the next version of i.Scribe which should ignore them. Or blow away the whole options file and rebuild it, which you have worked out does the trick.

Thanks guys for the bug report and helping out with test data.
22/11/2004 11:58pm
Don't mention it, I'm always there for the poor and needy ;-)
23/11/2004 6:07am
Yeah, we are some old guy's who have been using your great mail-program for a loooooong time ;)

Case closed.