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Author/Date folders.mail2 problem?
21/10/2004 6:06am

My "folders.mail2" file where everything is stored is now at 60 MB. When I check the properties of the "MailBox" folder it totals 4.35 MB. For the life of me I can't figure out why the file is so large.

I believe it has slowly been adding up as the emails have not been deleted properly from the folders.mail2 file. I noticed this problem a few months back (at 40 MB) but it wasn't a big deal as I was running Inscribe off my hard disk. I am now running off a USB 2.0 flash drive and would like to regain the space back.

Anybody have any idea what I am missing?

This is running the windows version on winXP/win2k.

BTW I have been using Inscribe for a few years now and absolutely luv it! Keep up the good work.
21/10/2004 6:08am
Thou shouldest try File -> Compact Folders

*wink wink nudge nudge*
21/10/2004 9:43am
and empty your Trash-folder before compacting (my brother has the same problem since he never empties the trashbin either: my sister-in-law does ;-)
21/10/2004 4:17pm
"Compact Folder" worked perfectly...

05/11/2004 3:51pm
fReT, you are a superhuman genious ... I was having the same problem and the COMPACT FOLDERS option worked like a charm!