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Author/Date autocomplete and popup windows for new email
29/03/2002 5:32pm
Are one of these features ever implemented?
Because I like these features a lot about mail client.
So I don't haqve to fill in the whole email adres again.
And I think it's handy if you can see a popup box when new mail arrives.
I'm using Calypso now, but I like the simplicity and outfit of Iscribe.

So let me know what we can expect for future plans.

Great product!

30/03/2002 11:36am
Autocomplete would be great, just typing 1-2 letters and getting the rest filled in would speed things up alot for me (since I often know peoples e-mail "in general", not exactly).
30/03/2002 11:55am makes a email client real quick!

I hope they have some future plans for this ..maybe a plug-in?