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Author/Date 100% cpu still there in test24
Mike Green
11/10/2004 3:39pm

I don't imagine you'd thought it was fixed, but just as a confirmation - I'm seeing the same behaviour in the new release. For a while I thought it was a filter problem (I have about 20 running plus the Bayesian one) but switching them all off InScribe still exhibited the same behaviour.

Mike Green
11/10/2004 6:40pm
In fact - it's worse. Worse in that it hits 'cpu hog mode' within minutes of starting whereas it sometimes last for an hour or more without doing so. Hmmm...odd!
Mike Green
11/10/2004 10:52pm
Hi Matthew,

I've finally found the trigger for this. It's to do with something in certain emails. I've sent you some detail but essentially it's emails I receive from Yahoo! Groups mailing lists with adverts at the bottom (mixture of graphics and text).

12/10/2004 12:12am
As I said in my last email to you, I really need to see an original copy of the HTML in the message (I'm assuming that it's HTML right?) to have any chance of fixing this. (Turn preview off using Tools->Layout, drag the offending message onto another mail to me to attach it)

As soon as I get a good copy of the HTML I'll have a look at it and hopefully fix the problem. Then I'll do another test build, which should be a stable candidate.

I've also fixed the HTML->Text crash that got reported in test24.
19/10/2004 6:49pm
That's really strange - I've never had any problems with 100% cpu load. I am using inscribe for more than 15 months now.

Maybe it's something wrong with your system?