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Rytis Umbrasas
08/10/2004 7:18am

The best part of Scribe for me is - portability.
I'm using it like alternative for webmail systems, because they always have big or small problems with encodings, multilanguage support.

So I need to change my working place 3 or 4 times per day but I'm using the same email account.

After I'v change place, diferent is not account but just smtp, and proxy server settings.

So, would be useful, that InScribe (comersial version) took me posibility to choose not account (for me it's always the same pop3, address etc)
but my location data : smtp, internet connection data (proxy)

How about others? Does anyone think, it would be useful?

Now when I'm changing location, on other internet network usualy I change account (for changing smtp) and proxy server. But its not so handy..

Would be nice to hear other opinions about this feature request:

Change not account data, but Internet location data by very simple way I think would be useful, because Scribe is great for travelers with traveler disk.

Matthew said, he never hear in other email clients about this kind of feature.
Tell Your opinion about feature "change internet connection data (smtp, proxy)", please.

Rytis Umbrasas

Robert Bleeker
22/10/2004 3:53am
I am with Matthew on this one, email program is for retrieving/sending mail and leave the network connection to the OS and dialers.
Latest operating systems seem to cater for network mobility very well.
23/07/2008 8:23am

I add my request to this thread too ...
I also think scribe is great and I choose it especially for his portability.

It would be great, in my opinion, if there were an option to set multiple SMTP servers.
In my case I use it in different networks and I have to often change the sending server into the account page.

Anyway scribe is the kind of software I like, small, simple and effective ...
Great job!