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Author/Date Message error when using Help
04/10/2004 8:51am
When I click on the Help choice in the Help Menu, I have a message error who say :

The help file 'index.html' is missing. It should be in a sub-directory called 'help'.

But Inscribe find this file and present me in my browser the help.

In my Inscribe folder on my computer, I have the sub-directory 'help" with all the help files.

05/10/2004 1:17am
What software are you using:

Operating system?
Web browser?
Version of Scribe?

I don't get this error...
05/10/2004 7:46am
InScribe v1.87 (Test23, Win32 Release)
Build: Sep 27 2004, 22:38:15

Windows 2000 Pro - SP1

Browser : DeepNet 1.2
05/10/2004 8:18am
The same error msg comes with

i.Scribe test 23
Windows XP SP1
Tabbed browser based on Internet Explorer

But it very well opens 'help' in browser. No problem for that. Only just the error msg comes.

I will check by using IE as default browser and will post the report here.
05/10/2004 8:43am
Ok Mathew.,

I tested by having Internet Explorer as Default Browser. Now there is no error msg and it opens the help page perfectly in IE.

So it is the problem with Browser!!!.

05/10/2004 11:35am
the browser that I use (DeepNet) is based to IE too.

Why is it good with IE and not with another browser ?

What's is the difference between browser which send an error message when trying to open a .html file ?
05/10/2004 12:21pm
What I'm doing was checking the return code from ShellExecute, and when that fails show the error message.

Obviously with some browsers the return code could be an error even when the document is shown.

So I've changed the code to check for file existance instead of the execute return code.
05/10/2004 3:47pm

You implement that in the next release ?
06/10/2004 12:02am
It's already done so yes.