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Author/Date AutoGPG problem... and feature request
04/10/2004 5:28am

i'm new to scribe and gnupg, but i've got them working except with AutoGPG. it works for incoming mail, but not for outgoing mail. scribe connects to my mail server, but then prints an error from autogen saying "couldn't open temp file".

has anyone else had this problem and found a way to fix it?


oh yeah, for a feature request, how about previewing mail on the server in reverse order to it's the most recent first. that would be useful. or an option to retrieve the latest 10 headers or something...?
04/10/2004 5:40am
and another thing:

if AutoGPG is used on incoming mail, it puts the message in the outbox instead of the inbox. just thought i'd let you know...

great program though
Mike Green
04/10/2004 4:14pm
I had exactly the same problem and did not manage to fix it.
05/10/2004 1:22am
Ok, it's been a while since I looked at AutoGPG so if you don't mind sending me some encrypted emails I'll test the plugin and fix any issues I find.

Please post your public key in the first message so I don't have to go and look it up.
Mike Green
05/10/2004 11:08am
Hi Matthew,

I've sent my public key and a short encrypted message via email.

11/10/2004 7:00am
I've fixed the outgoing autoGPG path, but the incomming one isn't tested yet. I don't get any encrypted mail... *hint hint* - send me some ;)