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Author/Date How can two users use I.Scribe on the same machine?
03/10/2004 9:02pm
They havo to see only their folders and account. I just found 1 way - make severals folders with program. Am I right, or there is mory simple way?
Mike Green
03/10/2004 10:10pm
You could use InScribe and then would have the ability to have multiple identities.
03/10/2004 10:46pm
Or you can use i.Scribe and install it twice in different directories.
04/10/2004 11:22am
I have try InScribe, but I could not find there how to create multiple identities. I want to use this program with my sister. I do not want to see her messages and her account, so as she does not want to see my ones.

How to create in InScribe such way of user login as in Microsoft Oultook Express, when user enter his password and then access only his mail? Other user access his mail under his password.
04/10/2004 12:07pm
2 separate installations. 2 separate folders. 2 separate lots of email.

Does that make sense?
04/10/2004 1:55pm
yes. I have 3 different directory : two with I.scribe and one with Inscribe.

It's useful for testing.

Is there a solution for the message of help file missing ?