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Mike Thomas
01/10/2004 7:17pm
Some user requests. I don't do this often but I really like your software.

The first item we discussed in email but I thought to put it here to make it easier to track.

-> Keyboard 'jump' to next unread message, such as + or +<(left arrow). This might need to be user configurable OR a keystroke which is available on any keyboard, such as laptops (which I use.)

The next are for ease of use.

-> Can the system tray icon show the count of unread mails on top of the icon? Perhaps in lieu of blinkng the icon?

-> Can you make the systray icon also minimize the application window back to the systray?

Another problem I have, the menubar items (not the drop down menus though) always have a grey background (TED doesn't seem to do this, I'm using it right now.) It doesn't matter which Windows theme I use including the Win9x variant. I don't know if this is a problem with my video system & driver (ATI IGP in a Compaq laptop) or Scribe.

If any of this is already covered, please feel free to point me in the right location for info.

Mike T.
02/10/2004 5:32am
Yeah, its nice idea to minimise using Systray.

Now that blinking of Tray icon can be set optional. And tray icon going red on server down. Both are good changes. How about keeping the tray icon colored until all the mails are read out?.

Mike Thomas
03/10/2004 8:44pm
Another one...

Track the current email when getting new mails. I have a couple of mail-lists which take some time to read and sometimes I'm in the middle of them and get side tracked. Of course, if the jump to next unread mail is added, this won't be as critical.

Mike T.