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Author/Date deleting mails from sent folder
01/10/2004 3:40am
while I was testing for CPU usage I find another thing with test 23. Now if I delete mails from 'Sent' folder it does not goes to 'Trash' but deleted completely out of mail box.
01/10/2004 7:54am
That's right. It's a feature and not a bug. This has been discussed before in the forum, but that could be well over a year ago.
01/10/2004 8:22am
anyway what ever deleted from folders should go to Trash first and then should be deleted completely. deleting directly from folders is not a useful feature. isnt it.
01/10/2004 9:19pm
Newman, although I respect your opinion, I don't agree with you. You are deleting a sent message. Why would you want to delete it a second time and then from the Trash-folder? We could discuss the view whether it is necessary to save sent messages in the first place. In 'them old days' people, or at least I, did not keep copies of their sent paper letters. From this point of view the Sent-folder already is some kind of a Trash-bin.
That's all for now.
02/10/2004 5:22am
Bardo, there is nothing to agree or disagree. People sometimes may delete important messages from Inbox or Sent folder or any other folder by mistake. In that case one can get back the mail from Trash. Ofcourse Trash should be emptied one or two days once so that one can get back mails and for that purpose only Trash is there. See, if people are very sure about doing everything and every time correct then there is no need for a Trash in a Mail box. By that way I think all mails should go out via Trash only. Otherwise there should be two options for deleting mails one via Trash and other directly.
05/09/2005 1:42pm
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