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Author/Date test 23.. mailto link problem..
30/09/2004 5:34am
Hello Mathew

Sorry to come with another problem.

When I tried to send a mail with mailto link it not only opens new mail window but also another parallel iSribe session.

Is this problem only with me?.

I have mentioned few problems but didnt say my system. Its XP SP1.

01/10/2004 1:12am
ok today I found it out. It was the problem with my ie. Actually after getting test 23 I have made iScribe (23) as default for mailto links. But that was not properly appllied itseems. After restarting today I again selected iScribe (23) as default for mailto links and it works fine now. Mathew, sorry for the post.
01/10/2004 6:11am
Ok then... I was starting to worry about it. Last time I had a 100% cpu bug it literally took 6 months to find. So I was understandably nervous when people started mentioning that sort of problem again.
Mike Green
01/10/2004 5:39pm 100% cpu problem is not for any of the reasons here. Nothing to do with large attachments, nothing to do with being the default mail client (it's not as I use it on my work-owned laptop, it's installed on a USB drive only). Also, it doesn't come down from 100% cpu until it's killed. I have yet to see any consistent trigger for the rise to 100% cpu I'm afraid.