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Author/Date test 23 .. more than 80% CPU usage
30/09/2004 3:51am
when I updated iScribe test 23 today, I saw my systems CPU usage between 80 to 95. But that is for only one instant of run (for some 10 minutes I left it to run). then I closed iScribe, started again and did repeatedly for few times, but there were no problems at all.
30/09/2004 9:26am
I have the same problem with the same version.

InScribe v1.87 (Test23, Win32 Release)
Build: Sep 27 2004, 22:38:15
Windows 2000 Pro - Sp2

Sometimes, cpu usage 100% and the only way to stop that is to close Inscribe and start again.

What is curious is that it's happend not all the time and I did'nd find for the moment how and why it's happend !!!

Mike Green
30/09/2004 4:06pm
Aha! Glad it's not just me then. I've still not found any system event or InScribe event which starts the 100% cpu problem but it always continues until I kill InScribe.

01/10/2004 1:05am
I doubt this 100% CPU usage might be due to ieHTML plugin. Anyway I have older versions of iScribe. So I will test all of them with and without ieHTML and give the info here. Also the memory usage now sometimes goes to 15 MB which I used to see go around less than 7 MB only. Its all for just for an instant. Otherwise memory usage is just around 700 KB and no freezing and all with my PC. Anyway I should not just post here the problems but should also try to find out the reason. So let me try.
01/10/2004 3:36am
I could try only with iScribe Test 23. Whenever managing big mails (I tried with ~100 K - not attachments) the CPU usage goes upto 99% for five to six seconds and immediately comes down. Which was happening with webmail too or I think will happen with any other client too. So after that first try of test 23 yesterday, now CPU usage does not keep at high level for much time but for few seconds and only while managing huge mails.