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30/09/2004 3:42am
do you have any idea of adding optional virus scan selection for incoming and outgoing mails?. I am using a dedicated virus scan for my system and I want to scan mails downloaded by iScribe and also sending mails from iScribe. As per the manual you already have built-in scaner. Even though adding a optional scan will be of additional security.

30/09/2004 6:32am
What virus scanner are you using? Typically scanning would have to be configured on your rather than in the client. It would help if I knew your scanner than I could tell you how to do it.
30/09/2004 6:39am
yeah I am using avast but it does not recognizes iScribe but only scans for OE which is not default client.
30/09/2004 3:42pm
Are you using avast free or pro. If it is a free virus scanner you are looking for may I suggest AVG 7. With AVG you can manually configure the email scanner. Also, panda is giving users one a one year license for free. Get it by filling out the survey here:
01/10/2004 8:23am
thanx for the info.
01/10/2004 9:22pm
The problem lies with the virus-scanner and not with Scribe. I use Norton AV, which scans all email, whatever client is being used. Email comes in via port 127, as far as I know, so you should configure your virusscanner to scan port 127, like n8chavez points out.
01/10/2004 9:49pm
Well Bardo is almost correct,

Is you are using POP3 as your tranfers protocol then it is sent via port 110
IMAP uses port 143
IMAP 3 uses 220

Set your scanner to use the appropriate port. When you have decided on a scanner and if you need help setting it up, let me know.
02/10/2004 5:34am
hello thanx for the info. I shall make the changes.