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28/09/2004 2:46pm
Matthew -

I don't know if you fully solved the "FROM" problem previously mentioned. Alternately, you might still be working on a solution:

Example 1 (works as expected):
1. Select an alternate identity.
2. Start a new email.
All works as expected. The email is FROM the alternate identity, and the appropriate sig file is attached.

Example 2 (FROM Fails):
1. Select an alternate identity.
2. REPLY to an email
Unfortunately, the FROM field reverts to the =default= FROM, and the default sig file is attached. The correct, alternate identity is not assumed.

InScribe v1.87 (Test23, Win32 Release)
Build: Sep 27 2004, 22:38:15
Windows 2000
28/09/2004 10:29pm
When you reply the account/identity used to receive the mail is used. There can be no other way of doing it. This is a feature not a bug.

29/09/2004 3:56am

Replying still seems to use the default identity rather than the identity in any of the headers.


Just re-checked:
1. Selected an alternate identity
2. Opened an inbound email that was TO that identity
3. Checked the headers to make sure the TO and FOR fields listed the alternate identity in use.
4. Clicked on REPLY
5. Clicked on the FROM button in the editor window.
6. Saw my default identity listed, rather than the alternate identity