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Author/Date sending to multiple recipients
28/09/2004 12:09pm
there are several ways to send email to several people at once, so i allways manage, but I would find it very convienient to be able to select several people in the contact list, rightclick, and choose email to all.
Instead now it only allows me to send email to the person i (right) clicked on (while several others are selected useing the ctrl or shift key when leftclicking)

28/09/2004 12:50pm
Yes that does make sense. If you were regularly emailing these contacts I'd create a group for them.
29/09/2004 12:16pm
yes i would, but when that is not the case, making a group is too much work for just one email. I end up selecting the 2nd to x-th using the [...] button which forces me to go over the entire list of all my contacts for each added email adres.
as i said, i manage, but the solution i mentioned would work more comfortable

(by the way: great program!)