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27/09/2004 5:38pm
G'day, Matthew!

Just noticed you released
InScribe v1.87 (Test23, Win32 Release)
Build: Sep 27 2004, 22:38:15

Could not find any comments about it in your Blog. Do you have a "whats new" file someplace, showing the changes from the last build, and possibly the potential changes for the next version? (Your roadmap was interesting, but was at too high a level for build-to-build understanding)

27/09/2004 11:26pm
Try this. Alternatively you could sign up for release notification emails.
28/09/2004 1:44am
Thanks for the pointer to the correct place to look. I have bookmarked it.

I'm already signed up for new release info, but it doesn't include the link you gave, or the info in that link.

Dear Memecode Subscriber,

The following applications have new releases:
- i.Scribe/InScribe v1.87 [Test23]
(For InScribe, see customer download site)

To change your notification options or unsubscribe to all
furthur release notifications, please log in to your account:
28/09/2004 1:47am
Well it's still a new feature of the website. Over time I will re-engineer the backend to put the change list into the email as well.

But as I always say, I'd rather be working in C++ than PHP, so the website usually gets attention last.