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Author/Date Problem with character '
27/09/2004 9:09am
When i receive mail, i have often a problem with the ' character.

For example, i have l?odeur and not l'odeur.

But what is strange is that it's not all the time (see example below)

SSA touche l?héritage de Baan
En bref
- Business en bref
- Le vibreur et l?odeur
- Rendez-vous jeudi 30 septembre à 18h, avec Stéphanie Molinier et Alain Steinmann (l'Ordinateur Individuel) :

I use I.Scribe v1.87 (Test22, Win32 Release)
Build: Sep 20 2004, 23:09:0

What is the problem ?
28/09/2004 4:29am
yes I too have this problem

It displays, for examble

"don't" as "dont?t"

28/09/2004 4:35am
The sending email client put an incorrect or missing charset in the email headers.

Try changing the charset using the right click menu on the text area. iso-8859-1 or -2 is a good place to start.
29/09/2004 2:46am
yes its the problem with senders client. I could not change character set coz there is only view source, copy source and view in default browser options available. when I viewed in default browser then there is no problem with ' character.
29/09/2004 3:00am
Test23 actually had a fix for a charset issue in HTML... have you tried that?
29/09/2004 3:01am
You could also copy the HTML into an email and send it to me. They may be outstanding issues I need to fix with the HTML control
30/09/2004 3:30am
just now I updated iScribe test 23 and had the same problem. But actually I have not used HTML plugin so far as it is not safer. To test this ' character problem I added ieHTML plugin and saw there are no problem with the character. Also the encoding should be only user defined with auto select option not selected. If auto select option enabled then again comes the ' character problem. Do I need to send you any mail now?. Tell little more clear. I could not get you.