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Author/Date Importing address book/contacts + attachments
Tony Hazzard
24/09/2004 9:09am
I'm still struggling with trying to import my Mozilla Thunderbird address book. I've tried exporting it to the desktop and importing from there (otherwise I can't find it) but it doesn't seem to happen. I would like to use i.scribe for my emails but can't unless I sort this. Also, I tried emailing a simple text file attachment to myself but when I tried to open it the formatting seemed to have disappeared. It was ok if I zipped it first, but I'd rather send unzipped. Any solutions, anyone? Thanks.
Tony Hazzard
28/09/2004 1:27pm
Is there anybody out there?
28/09/2004 1:34pm
Yeah I seemed to have missed this post. I get email notification of new posts on the forums but this one flew in under the radar.

About the moz thing... I don't know whats up with that. Maybe you could send me the file and I'll run it though the code here and check it all imports ok. Otherwise I'll dink around with my install and see if I can get it to work or not.

The text file is probably getting stripped of it's CR characters. Just a guess in the dark until I get a chance to look at it.