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Author/Date New Contact Bug
22/09/2004 8:10pm
InScribe v1.87 (Test22, Win32 Release)
Build: Sep 20 2004, 23:16:47

Whilst creating a new contact, on tabbing to the email field and then pressing enter (instead of clicking ), the program fails with an exception.

This behaviour was also exhibited in Test 20.
22/09/2004 8:17pm
FYI: I have been using Windows XP2 SP2 since the enterprise download became available and this has caused me no problems with InScribe, re Firewalls etc.
22/09/2004 9:10pm
Verified. Happens with Windows 2000 (most recent updates, Service Pack 4) as well.
22/09/2004 10:30pm
Hmm. Even happens with InScribe test 22 on Win98FE.
But then, if you started tabbing, why wouldn't you continue tabbing?
22/09/2004 11:57pm
Ahhhh... what a wonderful thread to wake up to in the morning... and I havn't even had my coffee yet!

Well this is a simple enough bug. Happened to me first time I tried it. The contact window's 'ok' button was deleting the window and after that something tried to access one of the HWND wrapper classes... kaboom!

All fixed now.