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22/09/2004 1:35pm

Would it be possible to change the standard charset of inscribe? changing the charset for every e-mail is a.) annoying and b.) the subjects still look ugly and don't change.

23/09/2004 12:00am
When you receive email in Scribe is uses the default internet charset (us-ascii) unless the message has a specific charset set in the headers. So Scribe displays exactly what the sending client asked it to do.

Are you asking to change the default internet charset?

What is really the problem is that the messages you receive are badly encoded by a buggy email client.
23/09/2004 11:15am
Correct. That's what I ask for. I would like to change the standard charset that inscribe uses to iso-8859-1.

us-ascii might be the standard charset in US and other english speaking countries, but here in Austria it isn't and I have not only problems with buggy e-mail clients, mostly with e-mails that are generated by servers (order confirmations, newsletters, etc.) - also amazon for example.

23/09/2004 11:34am
'us-ascii' is an international standard actually.

I'm in 2 minds about whether I should support a non-standard default charset. Really people should bitch and moan to these idiots sending out non-standard email and get them to pull their socks up... but like thats going to happen.

There are standards for a reason and I've always been ready to play hardball when it comes to stardards. I shun the proprietry ones and do my best to be as accurate as possible.

Maybe a non-visible option (lgi.conf style) option is called for. Let me stew about it for a while.
23/09/2004 3:44pm
Well it could be a selection like in the send tab "Preferred charsets for sending" just on the Receive tab called like "Preferred charset for incoming messages", either by account or for the whole program.

I think all the other charsets are also international standards aren't they? Like we use in Europe for our fancy letters ;-)

24/09/2004 8:24am
Well, most of the clients do supply this option. Just because some other clients ignore what the standards stay.

However, all charsets from the ISO 8859 family, all MS charsets (i guess) and UTF-8 are us-ascii compatible, so adding such an option wouldn't break compatibility with standards-respecting clients. Instead, it would only add additional compatibility with those stupid clients.

I would vote for this option too.
Mike Green
27/09/2004 8:39pm
Writing from Europe, I have to agree. I would at least like to see ISO 8859-1 as an option. It's not high up my list really (below attributed quoting for example :-) ) but it's very definitely a 'nice to have'.