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Author/Date [error] Crash when sending e-mail
21/09/2004 1:22pm
I just updated to i.Scribe 1.87 test 22 and I'm already regret it. Scribe is crashing every time I clic the 'new message' botton, I try to replay an e-mail or use the option to send an e-mail to a list of contacts. I am doing something wrong?, where can I get a old versión of i.Scribe (Test 20 was doing well) and its plugins while this is fixed?

i.Scribe: 1.87 Test 22
21/09/2004 2:56pm

Sorry I didn't release plugins for test20.
21/09/2004 2:57pm
Btw did you try removing all old plugins first? That would cause i.Scribe to crash when openning the mail window.
21/09/2004 10:54pm
The problem I have is only when I try to write a message or replaying one, like a moments ago I got a message that requested a confirmation and when I cliked on the 'Send' button i.Scribe crashed. About the pluging, I didn't delete them before replace my old Scribe version, a really bad thing. I'll remove everything in the folder where I have Scribe and try it again tomorrow.
By the way, does Scribe have any problems with WinXP SP2? I'm still thinking if I should install it or not. Thank you for your time.
21/09/2004 11:06pm
I bet you that it's out of date plugins...

SP2: I know of one guy who had a crash in the skinning code, on SP2 but if you delete lgiskin.dll it works fine. I couldn't reproduce this so I'm waiting for more info. Other than that I think it's ok on SP2. But it hasn't received a lot of testing there yet.
23/09/2004 2:18pm
Well, it is official: I must be cursed or something like that. Even when I deleted all the content in the folder where I keep i.Scribe and reinstal it again, the fist time I tried Test 22 and then Test 20, I can't write any e-mail. I just don't get it, I just clic on 'New message' or press CTRL+N to open the compose window and Scribe stops responding, it just freezes! I'm not sure if it is a Windows problem (I don't remember how many error reports I have sent), the only thing I can do is read and download my e-mail's. At his time, my last hope is instal SP2 and see what hapens (I'd like to format my HD and make a cleead instal but can't do it now).

If there is any thing I can do to help to figure out what I'm doing wrong I'll be most than glad to do it.
23/09/2004 2:23pm

I forgot to say that this problem it also hapens with the debug versions but it didn't created any error code for this problem. Could it be a problem with the way WinXP is manages memory?