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21/09/2004 12:01am
Would appreciate a pointer to MailMerge syntax and an example or two.

I have tried to use a template to send several copies of an email. Inscribe indicates it has made n copies of the email, corresponding to the number of entries in the contact list. However, only one copy appears in the outbox, and it is NOT addressed!

Embedding something like

in the message shows "" rather than something from the contact list.

So, I guess my basic questions are:
1. How do I get Mailmerge to automatically address the emails?
2. Can I embed fields in the mail body itself?

21/09/2004 12:25am
Do you mind reading the help first?

In the section titled "Email" there is a part called "Mail Merge", read that and then ask any unresolved questions here.

21/09/2004 12:36am
err ..

I read the help. Even searched the file "email.html" for the string "mail merge" or "mailmerge". Couldn't find anything. Searched all the .html files in the /help directory. No "mail merge".

Perhaps I have an old help file? the datestamp on email.html is May 11, 2004

21/09/2004 12:42am
Try the current build (test22). It's in there...
21/09/2004 12:49am

Mail merge info is indeed in the help section of that build, in email.html, dated Sep 3, 2004
21/09/2004 1:30am
Was able to get mailmerge working. Your help section was indeed helpful, and easy to understand. That is a great addition to InScribe!

There is, however, a remaining problem.

When I sent the messages to Hotmail and Yahoo test emailboxes, the messages were marked as spam. I suspect the messages were sent using BCC, rather than by using individual TO: headers. When I looked at the headers, the mail was addressed FOR the recipient's address rather than TO the recipient's address. The absence of a TO header probably kicked in the spam filter.

If my assumption is correct, would it be possible for you to iterate through a loop, filling the TO: field, rather than adding all addresses to the BCC field?
21/09/2004 1:37am
Actually your right... it doesn't handle the headers very well at all. Ok, I'll do something about that.
21/09/2004 1:51am
Again, thanks much for answering my question and for addressing (pun intended) the TO: -vs- BCC: problem. I'll try to keep current with the test updates to observe progress.