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20/09/2004 10:23pm
I thought it time to compile a list of feature request for the next version (2)...

1. Ability to add a sender to whitelist (via right-click context menu'
2. Quick reply (similiar to Opera's M2)
3. Play sound ehen email arrives in filters (not just for the inbox)
4. More options on how to treat spam (right click 'empty trash', send it right to the trash...etc.)
5. Spam filter not folder dependent (in progress)
6. Add blocklist (we have a whitelist that bypasses filter)
7. Add author/sender to contact list via right-click context menu
8. The ability to customize buttons/appearance
9. Be able to delete some folders that are not being used (templates, groups, etc.)
10. See if email has an attachment - set next to read/unread picture
11. New mail ticker - similiar to the bat!
12. Learning filters for all folders not just spam. It would be nice if all folders had the ability to learn that way when content arrives it is redirected to the appropriate folder. POPfile does something similiar to this.
13. Create filters based on a particular email via athe right-click context menu.
14. Mail recognized as spam...maybe use an indicator next to the read/unread sort buttons rather than having it be red.
15. User has the ability to turn on and off HTML in email
16. Get rid of the boxes with red x's in them where pictures are supposed to be.

I really do like this client. It has a lot of potential. It's powerful yet not overly complicated. In kind of reminds me of KMF (Kauffman Mail Warrior) and a little of YAMC (Yet Another Mail Client). This list is just one of things I would like to see in the future.
20/09/2004 10:32pm
A few comments:

1. This will happen automatically when I make the bayesian filter iterative.
3. Filters have a "play sound" action don't they?
6. I think they call that a 'blacklist'
7. This is already there! Open the email... and right click on the from.
8. If you know a little C++ then write a skin. Thats what lgiskin.dll is.
10. There is a different icon on email that has attachments already... so what exactly are you asking for here?
15. So what is the default alternative option in the appearence settings? ;)
16. Well browsers do the same thing. PS test22 will load images if you want.
20/09/2004 10:40pm
What about MY list of features for v2?

1. Journaled, indexed file system for object storage - queries in real time, data protection (ala ReiserFS/BeFS).
2. Easy navigation on EVERYTHING.
3. Mail stored in lossless format. Yet retaining ability to delete/move attachments in O(1) time. Even 131mb attachments.

But man.. the long nights of coding that lie ahead... *sigh*
20/09/2004 11:04pm
From what I can tell...

3. No, filters do not have a sound option...just the inbox
7. When I right-click on the 'from' address I don't get any options that'll add to the contact list.
8. I wasn't talking about skinning...rather toolbar customization
10. That's true..sorry it was hard for me to see.

I'm not saying all these need to be implemented. Just that it would be cool if some were...mainly reguard spam. P.S. I like your list to especially reguarding indexing!!!!
21/09/2004 12:22am


8: As in choosing which buttons appear there?

21/09/2004 2:59am
here we go...

3. I actually meant to have the folder properties enable the sound and not the filter properties. This goes back to another feature I talked about, using POPfile-like technology to automatically file email to the respective folders. That way you wouldn't need to set up the filters; which can be extensive if you have a lot of folders and mail. Are you familiar with POPfile?

7. For me, I don't enter that mode unless I know there's an attatchment. I usually stay in 'preview mode,' where that can't be done

8. Yes I was talking about button placement/non-placement. Again, for me, there are buttons I would get rid of such as the + sign in between send and recieve and reply all, as well as a couple folders in your heirachy view to the left.